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Garden tools can but through outdoor electrical cables
Are you considering some gardeing this Easter weekend? Many keen gardeners will be busy digging, planting and remodelling. 
It’s important to be aware of the possibility that there are buried electrical cables and to use electrical equipment safely outdoors. 
Contact with high voltage underground electricity cables can be fatal. Everyone is encouraged to simply think about the risk of a potential electric shock before breaking the ground. 
Wind damage affected lighting and security for a client in the North East.
Serious wind damage at our client’s site in the North East caused loss of power for their lighting and security cameras. 
Luckily, we had a team working at Castleford in West Yorkshire at the time. An engineer was quickly on the way to get them up and running again. 
A replacement consumer unit or fuse box in your home need verification under the Wiring Regulations
Replacing an electrical home consumer unit (once known as your old-fashioned fuse box) is an alteration to your electrical installation. 
Alterations and additions qualify as ‘new work’ so the Wiring Regulations apply to their design and installation. 
Once the installation is complete verification confirms it meets the requirements of the Regulations. You should receive an electrical installation certificate as confirmation. 
battery damage can lease to fires and explosions with e-bikes and scooters
‘Thermal runaway’ can cause lithium-ion batteries to catch fire when they self-heat uncontrollably, leading to toxic fumes, fires and explosions
Even when they’re put out, lithium-ion battery fires can start again, which is why they are so dangerous. 
Faults in the lithium-ion cells leading to short-circuits are often the cause. 
Updating the electrics a at kart track
We moved the start/finish line at this karting track in Milton Keynes. It was a great project for our speed-loving team. 
We installed power and data cabling for the new LED digital display and timing loops. 
Now all we need to do is give it some thorough real-life testing to check the timing is accurate and the karts are nicely visible (just waiting for the call). 
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