electroca installations in warehouses must be well planned


Are you building or leasing a new warehouse or logistics hub or updating your existing property to improve efficiency and save money?   Do you need your lighting and electrical installations reviewed, redesigned, installed, checked and certified?  

Our team of qualified and experienced electricians have worked in large- and small-scale logistics settings so we understand all aspects of your electrical systems installation and maintenance requirements. 
Whether you have large-scale plans or need help with the details, we can work with you to plan, design and cost your requirements and make sure your installations and updates are straightforward. You won’t even know we’re there when we make inspections or complete projects for you. 
Our logisitcs and warehousing services include: 
New warehouses and logistics hubs 
Installation repairs and troubleshooting 
Re-wiring and certification 
Emergency systems 
General electrical repairs and maintenance. 
Warehouse lighting is important

Lighting in logistics settings 

In busy logistics and distribution settings you need good levels of lighting to provide a safe environment for your employees, especially those operating machinery, and delivery drivers. 
Poor lighting means hazards might not be seen, documents can be hard to read leading to errors, and your team could become unwell with symptoms like migraines and headaches that will affect their concentration. 
Replacing lighting in logistics environments with energy efficient LEDs will help you to meet the requirements of the government’s code of practice, and you will have better energy efficiency and illumination than fluorescent lighting. 

Fork lift charging 

Charging electric fork lift vehicles must meet operational and safety requirements to minimise risks. We will be happy to work with to make sure your installations meet these requirements and to help you make the best use of your space. 
To use electric fork lifts effectively your designated forklift chargers will need to be accessible and secure with emergency stop breakers so they can be disconnected from the power supply. They will need to be mounted at the right height so that wires don’t represent a tripping hazard and with enough space to allow people to move around the charging trucks safely. You will also need ventilation and air quality monitoring, depending on the types of vehicles you use. 
Fork lift vehicle charging must be carefully planned
warehouse lighting inside and outside is improtant

Design and installation for logistics operations 

When you are moving or expanding your operations you will need to plan for lighting, heating, IT systems, and other equipment and confirm that cabling is available or can be installed. You might want to consider underfloor power cabling or ducting at floor level, on walls, or use ceiling spaces. 
Depending on the scale of your operation you might also need a communication network and a dedicated communications room with its own cabling and power. To avoid costly disruptions to your business an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) device will provide battery backup if there’s a power cut. 
You might also need closed circuit televisions, intruder alarms, data cabinets, and additional electrical circuits for your office space 
Work with qualified professional electricians to make sure your requirements are met, that your installation is fully tested, and that your team can work safely. 
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