Updating the electrics a at kart track
We moved the start/finish line at this karting track in Milton Keynes. It was a great project for our speed-loving team. 
We installed power and data cabling for the new LED digital display and timing loops. 
Now all we need to do is give it some thorough real-life testing to check the timing is accurate and the karts are nicely visible (just waiting for the call). 

Your checklist for changes to electrical installations 

It’s important to work with qualified professionals when you’re moving or changing your electrical installations. Good planning makes sure your project is completed safely to the right standards. Here’s what we recommend: 
1. Working practices – your professional installer can advise whether your plans are suitable, safe and meet the requirements of the regulations
2. Using the right skills – to complete your project safely you should work with someone with the right knowledge and experience. Check they are professionally trained and are regularly assessed through membership of a body like the NICEIC, for example. 
3. Preparation – to keep people safe, isolation of equipment, machinery and installations is essential. This means removing all sources of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic energy. You must also make sure there’s no chance of accidental reconnection to an energy supply while the work is completed. 
4. Checking the environment – depending on the location, there’s a chance the atmosphere could be explosive. You’ll need special measures to minimise these risks during installation. You must also confirm any changes won’t affect safe operation in the future. 
5. Certification – you should receive a certificate to confirm your work is properly completed and checked. This is an important record for anyone providing electrical work in the future or if there’s a fault later. 
Please get in touch to discuss your electrical installation needs. 
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