Do you need electrical repairs, installations or testing and inspection at your factory, warehouse or industrial premises?  

We are qualified and experienced in all aspects of installation and maintenance of industrial electrical equipment and systems. We work with you to make sure major installations go smoothly, redesigns are straightforward and that all your electrical systems remain in top working condition. 
Our industrial services include: 
New industrial buildings 
Periodic inspections, testing and condition reports 
Lighting design and installation 
Re-wiring and certification 
3 phase supply installation, repair and maintenance 
Distribution board installation, repair and maintenance 
General electrical repairs and maintenance. 
Electrical installations for industrial settings
installing industrial cabling


Steel wired armour (SWA) cabling for power and auxiliary control cables with mains supply electricity in the UK has a range of types including 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-core. British Standards BS5467 or BS6724 set the requirements for SWA construction and testing. 


Trunking encloses and protects electrical cables. It normally has a square or rectangular cross-section and a removable side. 
Trunking is a flexible solution for industrial and commercial premises when used with conduits to your equipment. When an alteration or extension is needed it’s easy to drill a hole in the side of the trunking and run a conduit to a new point. The new wiring can then be drawn through the conduit and the existing trunking to an electricity supply point. 
Electrical trunking
Electrical surge protection

Surge protection 

Surge protection against over-voltages has been added to the Wiring Regulations surge protection to protect sensitive electrical equipment in line with European standards. 
Protection should be provided where short-term overvoltage could affect human life (such as health care facilities), public services, cultural heritage and commercial or industrial activity, including hotels, banks, industries, commercial markets and farms, for example. 
For other situations a risk assessment should be performed to determine if surge protection is needed. If a risk assessment isn’t completed, the installation should be provided with protection. There are some exceptions for single residential properties and other small premises. 
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