Some flourescent lamps are reaching the end of their life.
Did you know some compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are coming to the end of their life in a few months? 
The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) applies to hazardous substances such as mercury in electrical and electronic equipment. Europe adopted the Directive back in February 2003, so you might have forgotten all about it. 
However, the lifespan of T8 and T5 style fluorescent lamps is limited due to RoHS. They had extended permits but these expire soon. T8 lamps won’t be available from 1 September this year and T5 lamps from 24 February 2024. 

Change is coming to the lighting sector 

Because of the shift away from fluorescent technology components are already in short supply and the lamps are becoming obsolete. The answer is to use LED alternatives to these old-style lighting installations. 
They provide the same or better illumination levels, are more energy efficient and continue to operate well across a wide temperature range. You’ll also have lower maintenance costs because they are long-lasting. Not only will they give you a good return on your investment, but they’ll also meet the latest regulations. 

What are T5 and T8 lamps? 

The wattage, shape and size of fluorescent lamps define them. For tubular or T lamps the definition is based on diameter. 
T5 lamps have a diameter of 0.625 inches or 15mm. The larger T8 lamps have a diameter of 1 inch or 25mm. 
T5 lamp fittings are 40% smaller than T8 fittings and have been popular because of their light output. 
However, if you are currently using either of these types of fluorescent lighting you’ll need replacements and your old fittings will need handling as hazardous waste. 
Please get in touch to find out more about energy efficient LED alternatives to your CFLs. 
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