Are you building an extension, installing a new appliance or rewiring your home? Does one of your home electrical circuits keep ‘fusing’ or do you just need to install some extra plug sockets?  

Most domestic electrical work carried out now has to be registered with the Building Control department of your local authority. Insurance companies often also require certificates to confirm that work has been completed to the correct standards, which you will also need if you later sell your property. 
We are accredited under the National Inspection Council for Electrical Inspection Contractors (NICEIC) Domestic Installer scheme to undertake and certify the work you need. Our work is also backed by a six-year warranty scheme. 
Our domestic services include: 
New houses, extensions and conversions 
Kitchen and bathroom electrical installations 
Lighting installation 
Fuse-board replacements 
Additional power sockets 
Heating and ventilation 
Earthing and bonding 
LED Lighting  
Northampton domestic electrician

How can we help with your home electrical needs? 

electrical considerations are an important part of home renovation projects

Home renovations 

Mistakes with electrical work during home renovation projects can be dangerous with risks of shocks or fires. This type of work should be carried out and certified by qualified professionals
Complicated projects such as bathroom and kitchen installations or wall removals are all likely to have electrical safety implications as well as risks for other serious problems including leaks or flooding, drainage problems, corrosion and water damage that could affect the electrical safety of your home. 

Lighting design and installation 

We’ll be happy to advise your about lighting design and installation whether you’re replacing existing lights or installing new lights indoors or outside. 
Sensor controlled lighting combined with energy-efficient LEDs will reduce energy waste in your home. Your lights can be automatically switched on and off so you can also extend the life of your fixtures because they will only be switched on when they’re needed. 
An external motion detector can be connected to a light that doesn’t already have one as an alternative to a new light fitting with a built-in detector. You can also replace the existing light switch with a motion detector. 
Lighitng design can ame a diffference even in the smallest rooms
lighting in gardens can highlight featuers and allow you to enjoy your outside spaces more.

Electrical work in gardens 

During the evenings and shorter winter days garden lighting can help you to continue enjoying your outdoor spaces. Everything from decorative string lights along fences and wrapped around trees to long-lasting LED strip lights along pathways or your drive can add visibility on dark evenings and highlight favourite garden features. Lanterns for your walls and fence posts provide extra visibility and lights for decking areas add atmosphere. 
Not all lights are suitable to use outside so make sure by checking their ingress protection (IP) rating and avoid bending cables which could lead to damage and speak with a professional electrician for safe installation. 
Get in touch for more information about our domestic electrical services or contact us for a free quotation. 
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