Electical installation and maintenance
Electrical installation and maintenance


Amazing flexibility 

The MSE team regularly works with large- and small-scale logistics companies. 
To keep operations running smoothly we understand how important it is to work closely with customers like Loop Logistics in Northampton. 
We can provide electrical installations based on existing plans or make suggestions about what will work best. We’ll design and cost projects and make sure work on site is straightforward. 
Roy Garnham, Chief Executive at Loop Logistics, liked our flexible approach when a major refit was needed for their new site. Here’s what he said: 
“We're a family logistics business and we've had a long relationship with MSE. 
“In May 2022 we moved to a new site, which was a blank canvas. To make it work in the way we wanted we had a lot of fit out requirements. 
“Rob at MSE managed the project with amazing flexibility. He worked with all the other trades to make sure everything went smoothly. Everyone in the MSE team is willing to find a way around any problem. 
“We had a massive open plan office space, but we needed extra individual offices and conference rooms. I designed the office layout and Rob came up with good suggestions to make it all work electrically. 
“In the warehouse we needed extra electrical sockets, chargers for our fork lift trucks, and emergency lighting. MSE provided the full warehouse emergency lighting design and specification and went on to complete the installation. 
“We installed new racking and needed additional lighting too. We applied for one of the last EU grants avaialble for our energy saving warehouse lighting scheme with sensors. Rob provided all the technical information we needed. 
“All the electrical work was done alongside other changes. Sometimes we had just a couple of people from the MSE team working on site and at other times everyone was here.” 
Loop Logisitics Northampton logo
Opus energy logo Opus Energy headquarters Northampton

Good, reliable electrical maintenance 

At MSE we like to build long-term relationships with customers like renewable source electricity providers, Opus Energy, in Northampton. We’ve been working together for over 10 years now. 
Facilities Manager, Aubrey Davis, says we’re well mannered – which is good, because we always aim to be – and we’re flexible and reliable too. 
He says: “We’ve been working together for so long now I’m not sure where we first found MSE, but it’s worked well. 
“At our previous site the main fuse failed and took out power for half the building. This was a serious problem and our usual emergency contractor wasn’t available. I contacted MSE and, even though Rob had just got home, he put his overalls back on and came to sort it out. 
“Good electrical maintenance is crucial to our operations so we have continued to call on MSE for ongoing electrical work, emergency lighting and ad hoc jobs like installing hand driers. Whatever we ask them to do the service is always very good and professional. 
“Most recently we needed an automatic controller for our extractor fans. We had a solution in mind but Rob suggested using a timer as an alternative, which was a better approach and cheaper too.” 

Energy efficient lighting – a clear business case 

Companies in the logistics sector can achieve significant operational savings by installing energy efficient lighting in warehouses and distribution hubs. 
Panther Logistics, specialist providers of white glove two-person deliveries, have been MSE clients for several years. Finance and Commercial Director, Andy Dale, explains why the business case for LED lighting is clear. 
“The installation of lighting at our 200,000 sq ft warehouse at Castleford was a major investment for Panther.  
"Thanks to MSE’s return on investment calculations we could see that the project would essentially pay for itself within 13 months. We felt confident that going ahead with the installation was the right decision.. 
“I asked one of our team to look at the electricity bills for the previous 12 months. The calculations were right – our bills halved overnight. We were saving thousands of pounds per month. 
“We decided to look at the benefits for another site. Rob explained that this site already had lighting motion sensors so the ROI calculations would be different. However, the savings would still be worthwhile. 
“We have since fitted LED lighting at each of our eight sites equating to a total investment of £400,000 and savings on electricity of hundreds of thousands of pounds. 
“And with LED lights being more energy efficient, conserving up to 80% more energy than traditional lighting, their installation reduces our carbon footprint. This helps us to reach our Net Zero goals and play our part in protecting the environment. 
“On a more personal level, everyone in the team is good to work with. When there was an electrical problem with one of our deliveries, Rob visited personally at short notice. The customer couldn’t have been happier with the ‘lovely man’ who came along to help.” 
led lighting in a warehouse in Castleform, North Yorkshire
Chillaire HVAC installations logo Electrical controls for HVAC units with Chillaire Ltd

Service to our customers 

Chillaire, based in Nuneaton, has been working with Maintenance Services Electrical for several years. 
Chillaire provides a national service for air conditioning, heating, ventilation and humidification for homes, commercial and industrial sites including offices, laboratories, computer rooms, hotels, classrooms and clean rooms. 
Sales Director, Gary Fowler, says: “We pride ourselves on customer service and we always aim to make sure that all of our first-time customers become long-term satisfied customers for many years to come. 
“All of our staff are highly trained and qualified and it’s really important that everyone we work with meets these very high standards too. 
“That’s why we have been more than happy with the services provided by MSE. 
“In short, they have been fantastic. They are responsive and everything they do is clear and concise. We always get a good reaction to requests and pricing is clear and itemised, so everyone knows what’s happening. 
“Every member of MSE’s staff is very presentable and competent, which is immediately obvious, so we are always happy to have them working at our customer’s sites. 
“The trust level is there immediately and their conduct is exemplary. I have never had the same level of trust with another supplier. 
“If any problems arise, as they often can on site, they will be dealt with very professionally – I would even say ‘perfectly’. 
“MSE ticks all the boxes for the service they provide for my customers. 
“I would be very happy to recommend them to others.” 

Everyone knows what is needed and expected 

Larkin Homes is the principal contractor for high quality new homes, conversions and extensions across Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire area. 
Their reputation for quality and creativity relies on the professionals they work with. 
Nehad Shakir, Managing Director, says: “Our clients like to work with us because we have very exacting standards. The whole MSE team is very easy to work with and everyone is well organised. They make sure everyone involved has a thorough understanding of each job, as well as the way we work and want things done. 
“We send them the requirements for a project and they send a quotation, which I will review. Then we finalise the quotation before the work on site starts. That means everyone knows what’s expected. 
“Once on site, I’m confident that I can show them what’s needed, and when I come back, it will be done. That’s why we like to work with MSE. 
“Everyone at MSE communicates well with us and within their team. So, if any minor issues arise - as they will when working on site - they will be dealt with straight away. 
“Most importantly, our clients know that the work will be of the highest standard and I know that it will be delivered on time.” 
Larkin Homes electricians Larkin Homes electrical
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