Good lighting levels are important for safe and comfortable working, both inside and outdoors. Wherever possible, it’s important to use energy efficient lamps. 
LED lighting is the most common and adaptable option and LED light fittings are suitable for use with sensor controls and timers and for replacing dimmable lights and spotlights. They can be used for overhead illumination such as track lights, recessed pot lights, chandeliers or ceiling lamps as well as wall lighting and standalone units. 
We will be happy to provide a free quote for commercial or industrial LED lighting projects in Northamptonshire and around the UK. 

Northampton specialists in LED Lighting Systems 

Whatever your requirements, the MSE team will be happy to help. We provide a full lighting design and installation service. We can plan, specify and cost your LED lighting project and will be happy to provide a return on investment report. In many cases your new LED lighting installation can pay for itself in as little as two years. 
We are experienced in lighting installation for all types of commercial and industrial settings, including factories, warehouses, offices, shops, schools and colleges. 
When it comes to installation we provide health and safety and method statements and will work closely with you to make sure your project is completed safely and with minimum disruption to your operations. 
LEDs are common and adaptable lighting options

Commercial LED Lighting Benefits 

LEDs are long-lasting and very easy to maintain and they often last for up to 50,000 hours. When you replace older fluorescent or halogen lamps, for example, you don’t only reduce your maintenance costs, when you eventually need to replace any of your new lighting units, it will also cost much less. 

LED Lighting Customer Testimonial  “I came to the decision that my team would benefit from daylight balanced lighting. You immediately understood my request and made an accurate estimate of my existing lighting. Within a couple of hours you had helped me acquire superior equipment at a vastly lower cost (than I had estimated), fitted and cleaned up. The net result of using MSE is that we saved over £1000 in capital expenditure and our energy bill has reduced significantly.”  David Stoltz Director, Infologic 

Industrial LED lighting that saves you money 

Problems with lighting in industrial and commercial settings can disrupt your operations. LED lighting installations are more reliable than older types of lighting and they can save you money too. The energy savings and reduced maintenance requirements will pay for your investment in a surprisingly short time. 
As part of our industrial and commercial LED lighting service we will assess the costs of materials, installation, and disposal and recycling of your old lights where needed. We will also compare the energy consumption for your current lighting with the specifications for your new energy-efficient LED installation. 
Get in touch for more information about our LED lighting design and installation services or  
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