Many offices have overloaded electrical sockets
We often visit offices where computers, printers, screens, scanners, lamps, smartphones and other chargers are all plugged in to overloaded sockets and boards. In time this can lead to overheating and damage. 
If you’re working with overloaded electrical circuits you could risk electrocution or a fire. 
You might not be able to increase the number of electrical outlets in your office, but here are some ideas to help reduce the risks. 
If you’re using a multi-socket board then make sure it’s a branded product from a reputable retailer. 
Make sure there’s plenty of air circulating around any multi-socket boards you are using – don’t tuck them behind a cupboard or desk because they look untidy. 
Regularly check your electric cables to be sure they aren’t bent, knotted or damaged and carry out visual inspections of plugs and sockets for any signs of overheating. 
Don’t run power cables under rugs or where office chairs can roll over them. 
Only plug in non-essential electrical items when you need to use them, rather than leaving them plugged in all the time. 
Save energy and money and help to keep things safe by turning off equipment when it isn’t being used rather than leaving it on standby. 
If possible, charge your battery-operated devices somewhere else. 
Have qualified electricians carry out regular electrical inspections and make sure your portable appliances tests (PATs) are completed every year. 
Please get in touch if you would like to know more about safely adding electrical sockets in your offices. 
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