Car park lighting needs to take account of how busy the car park will be and whether there will be light, medium, or heavy traffic. Both drivers and pedestrians need to feel safe. 
Car park lighting levels might need to be varied according to peak times. For example, you might want more illumination when people are arriving and leaving work during the winter months. At other times there might be much less activity, so lighting levels could be reduced to suit the amount of use and save energy. 
To optimise your car park lighting it’s also important to think about how people and vehicles use the space. Extra lighting will be needed at entrances and exits, where pedestrians need to cross the flow of traffic, and for signage. 
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Experts in Car Park Lighting Installation 

In open-air car parks you can reduce obstructions and improve safety by keeping column numbers to a minimum, as well as minimising clutter and maintenance points. For larger car parks a high-powered light source at greater height can often provide an economical way to light a large area. 
Optics and other lighting accessories can be used to control light and minimise glare making sure there’s enough illumination at the right time and in the right place. If there are adjacent buildings you can avoid causing light pollution. 
To create the best illumination for car parks white light gives a clear image which is helpful if you have CCTV installed. Users will also feel more secure and confident that they can see and be seen. 
LEDs are common and adaptable lighting options

Northampton Car Park Lighting Specialists 

We often recommend movement sensors to help you save energy and make sure your car park isn’t over-lit. LED lights and intelligent lighting controls such as passive infrared sensors (PIRs) can turn on the lights when movement is detected, or we can advise you about video detection systems to help you manage lighting levels. 

Lighting Services Customer Testimonial  “I came to the decision that my team would benefit from daylight balanced lighting. You immediately understood my request and made an accurate estimate of my existing lighting. Within a couple of hours you had helped me acquire superior equipment at a vastly lower cost (than I had estimated), fitted and cleaned up. The net result of using MSE is that we saved over £1,000 in capital expenditure and our energy bill has reduced significantly.”  David Stoltz Director, Infologic 

LED Lighting for Car Parks 

LED lighting technology offers significant advantages for car park lighting compared with other types of lighting. For example, the improved colour performance of white LEDs compared to the yellow appearance of older-style discharge lamps will help to improve visibility and give car park users a greater feeling of safety. While older-style lighting takes time to ‘warm up’ to full brightness LEDs give full lighting output almost instantly. While many car parks use photo sensors to switch on lights at dusk and off at dawn LEDs can be used with timers and motion sensors to reduce energy use. 
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Car Park Lighting FAQs 

Do covered and open air car park lights differ? 

All car parks should be lit from several directions to reduce the chance of deep shadows between the cars. This is important for users to feel save and to help prevent crime. Where there are CCTV cameras lighting should be positioned to avoid blocking or dazzling in their line of sight so images can be seen clearly. 
Open and covered car parks have different lighting requirement, depending on how they are used. This is covered under the guidance of British Standards BS EN 12464 and BS 5489

How long does it take to install car park lighting systems? 

The time needed for installation will depend on your requirements and power supply. We will work closely with you to design a suitable lighting solution and to make sure installation causes as little disruption as possible. 

Can you replace or fix car park lights? 

MSE has been registered as an approved contractor with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) for over 20 years. We are regularly assessed to the highest standards so you can rely on our car park lighting installation and maintenance services. Our qualified and experienced electricians can provide regular maintenance and fault-finding services. 
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