fork lift truck charging points in a warehouse
One of our commercial clients in the North East was in a hurry to start making the most of their new storage facility, so just one day after the premises were handed over the MSE team was there to install their fork lift charging points. 
The team will be back soon to continue installations to meet their other various additional power requirements. 

Electrical requirements for fork lift charging 

Meeting the operational and safety requirements for electric fork lift charging is important to minimise the risks of moving machinery in the workplace. Electric forklift trucks are popular because they are energy efficient, easy to use, and can help to reduce the CO2 emissions of your business. 
To use them effectively you will need a designated forklift charging station fitted with the necessary safety features. Your charging points must be fitted correctly in a safe place that’s secure but also accessible. All chargers must have emergency stop breakers so they can be disconnected from the power supply. The chargers must be mounted at the right height so that wires are no longer than one metre to avoid a tripping hazard. 
There should also be at least a one-metre gap between each forklift truck when they are charging so that people can move around them safely. Easily accessible fire extinguishers that are suitable for use on electric fires should also be available. 
Charging forklift batteries produces hydrogen gas, which is difficult to detect and dangerous, so ventilation in the charging area is important along with air quality monitoring. 
Please get in touch to discuss your fork lift charging requirements. 
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