CCTV for warehouses needs the correct power supply
We have been back on site with our logistics customers in Swindon, preparing for the second phase of their project. 
This time we have installed power supplies for the CCTV equipment throughout their warehouse and offices. 

Power supply for CCTV systems 

To have full confidence in your security camera system you’ll want a reliable power supply for stability and reliability. Without it you could struggle with image distortions, flickering, and possibly damage to your equipment. 
Power requirements can vary. Outdoor security cameras often use a 12volt DC power source while indoor cameras commonly use a 5volt DC power supply. Pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras with mechanical moving parts might need a 24volt AC power supply. Some security cameras can require 220volt AC power. 
Security cameras need additional power when they first turn on, as well as for signal transmission. The power calculation includes the rated power requirement for each camera, cable power use and other points of power loss in the system. 
A security camera power supply distribution box can be used to route power cables and connect and control the power for each CCTV camera. If you’re using a larger number of cameras, this means you won’t need multiple power adapters. 
Other options for CCTV camera power include non-rechargeable batteries and rechargeable batteries with solar energy. These can be used for wireless CCTV cameras. While they can be a simpler option, batteries will need to be checked regularly. 

Challenges for CCTV power supply 

If your cameras cover a large site, you will need to consider separate power supplies for those nearby and those further away. With a single power source, providing enough voltage for the distant units could harm more local equipment. Or, if the voltage is too low, the long-distance cameras could fail. 
Following a power cut, the extra power required when all your cameras restart at once could lead to equipment damage. If constant surveillance is a priority, you might want to consider an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as a backup. 
Please get in touch if you would like to know more about power supplies for your CCTV system. 
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