Asymetric lighting at a logistics hub in North East England
Earlier this year the MSE team carried out a full exterior LED lighting upgrade at a logistics hub in the North East of England. 
The old sodium SON light units were replaced with asymmetric LED floodlights. These use reflectors to direct light in front of the fixtures rather than the standard symmetrical floodlights which distribute light in all directions. 
The installation will save energy and provides a much more tailored lighting solution for our customers. 

Energy efficient lighting: Return on investment 

We have been working at a lot of commercial premises recently to install new energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. As electricians we’re interested in the best technology but we also want our customers to make their choices with confidence. 
They have often been impressed by how quickly energy efficient lighting can pay for their investment. In many cases they will have covered their equipment and installation costs in two years or less. With energy prices increasing rapidly this is an important consideration. 
We are always happy to show our customers how much energy and money they can save with a return on investment (ROI) calculation. 
Tailored outside LED lighting
The first step is to have accurate figures about the costs of materials, installation, and disposal and recycling of the old lights where needed. We will work out your installation costs depending on your needs and any special requirements you might have. We also need to know how much energy is currently used and how much can be saved from overall running costs. 
Aysmetric LED lighting for outdoor spaces
We can give you figures for your whole project or for each of the lighting units replaced. Just one efficient lighting unit that is normally in use for 12 hours per day might reduce your annual energy costs by £100. If you replace 100 lights your savings in the first year will be £10,000. 
Once installed, LEDs are long-lasting and very easy to maintain so your current maintenance costs will also reduce significantly. When you eventually need to replace any of your new lighting units, they are likely to cost much less. 
Please get in touch if you would like to know how much your business can save by installing energy-efficient LED lighting. 
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