Good lighting in logistics settings is important
The MSE team has secured the contract for a lighting installation project with a local logistics company. 
We will be completing a full sensor controlled LED refit for their newly-acquired warehouse in Northampton. This will allow them to maximise energy efficiency and it is estimated to give them a return on their investment in just 2.5 years. 
Also included is the installation of a new emergency lighting system suitable for their new racking layout. 
Lighting in logistics settings 
Busy working environments in logistics and distribution need plenty of lighting to provide a safe environment for warehouse employees, especially those operating machinery, and delivery drivers. Making sure it is easy to see a hazard means that it can be avoided. 
Poor lighting can lead to staff sickness, including eyestrain, migraines and headaches linked to ‘sick building syndrome’, which can also cause lethargy and poor concentration. 
Replacing lighting in logistics environments with LEDs will help you to meet the requirements of the government’s Lighting for Workplaces code of practice and you will avoid the problems that can be caused by fluorescent lighting. 

The benefits of LEDs 

Recent studies have indicated that bright, glare-free LED lighting improves staff concentration levels and can reduce sickness. 
It’s simple, cost-effective and sustainable. You can choose from a range of lighting options suitable for logistics environments including high bays, low bays, linear battens, cob lamps, and floodlights. Energy bills can be reduced by up to 75% and with almost no maintenance for up to 50,000 hours of problem-free use you can avoid downtime and minimise repairs. 

LED floodlights 

Outside spaces also need good illumination. Externally-mounted floodlights can improve visibility for visitors, staff members and delivery drivers with impressive illumination and controlled beam angles to minimise light pollution. They can be installed on roofs, walls or floors. 

Emergency lighting 

Emergency back-up lighting is essential in a logistics setting to make sure that tasks can be completed and equipment turned off safely, and that people can leave the building safely in the event of power loss or an emergency. 
You will want to install a system that’s suitable for your business and that can be regularly and effectively tested to make sure your storage areas can be continuously and properly lit and signposted to avoid unnecessary downtime. An energy efficient and robust LED emergency lighting system with automated testing can simplify the process and reduce the risk of human errors. 
Please get in touch if you would like to upgrade lighting in your logistics or distribution centre. 
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