Garden lighting will help you to enjoy dark evenings.
We enjoyed returning to the beautiful Cotswolds recently to compete the second part of this lovely garden lighting project. Thanks to the team at Collingwood Lighting Ltd
Twin head spike lights shine across to an island area which is separated from the rest of the garden by a stream. 
Some low level, recessed sleeper lighting in the new patio area adds the finishing touch to the barbecue and entertainment space. 
Wooden bollards and mini cube fence lighting in the driveway provides some subtle illumination and an added safety feature. 
Subtle illumination in a driveway.

Garden lighting for autumn and winter 

As weather changes and we are in darkness for longer, garden lighting can help you to continue enjoying your outdoor spaces and there are plenty of interesting options to choose from. 
String lights – string lights can make your garden more attractive all year round and are ideal for the autumn and winter months. Warm tones will suit the light at this time of year and show off the colours of the leaves as they change. You can run them along fences and wrap them around trees. 
Rope and strip lightsLED rope and strip lights are long-lasting and you can expect at least 20,000 hours of use. They can be easily installed and can operate at a low voltage. You can run them along pathways or your drive for added visibility on dark evenings and highlight your favourite garden features. 
Lanterns – lanterns provide pools of light and can be mounted on walls and fence posts for extra visibility beside doors and to light up your patio. 
Deckin lighting adds atmosphere to entertainment areas.
Decking lights – like our Cotswold project, lighting up your decking area adds atmosphere so you can enjoy the outdoors on dark evenings. Recessed decking lights are very effective and you don’t have to worry about tripping hazards. 
Not all lights are suitable to use outside so make sure by checking their ingress protection (IP) rating, which should be between IP45 and IP65 for normal use. Avoid bending cables which could lead to damage and speak with a professional electrician for safe installation. 
Please get in touch to discuss your outdoor lighting requirements. 
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