Leading IT companies are joining the energy efficiency movement
Microsoft has joined the Energy Efficiency Movement launched last year by ABB, which is a global software, electrification, robotics, and automation company. 
The movement is intended to reduce operational carbon emissions through industrial decarbonisation. 
It aims to raise awareness and promote action that will reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Companies are being invited to join the movement and make a public pledge to encourage others to take action. To date Microsoft is one of the largest organisations to join the initiative. 

Energy efficiency is good for business 

Amongst the arguments in favour of the movement’s approach are the impact of increasing energy costs and pressure from customers, employees and governments to make headway on sustainability. 
ABB carried out a survey of almost 2,300 companies in 13 countries including manufacturing, transport, heavy and light industries, and the energy sector. It found that nine out of 10 of the leaders surveyed said they will increase investment in energy efficiency in the coming five years, with over half aiming to achieve net-zero emissions. 
ABB says that the greenest energy is the energy we never use. With 38% of the world’s electricity being used in the industrial sector, improving energy efficiency will make a big difference. 
Digital connection and automation will contribute towards energy-efficient solutions so Microsoft’s involvement will raise the profile of energy efficiency and help to find operational solutions. 
Microsoft itself says it is setting carbon removal targets for 2030 and will be fully powered by renewable electricity by 2025. As part of the movement, the intention is to help sectors like manufacturing and transport, as well as cities, make better decisions about energy use. 

Achievable targets 

ABB says it reduced its own greenhouse gas emissions in 2021 by 28% year-on-year. Its sustainability strategy says it will become carbon neutral by 2030. As well as its own operations, the company is aiming to help customers to reduce their annual CO2 emissions by at least 100megatons by 2030. That would be equivalent to removing 30million diesel and petrol powered cars from the roads each year. 
ABB has been working on a range of digitally connected solutions since 2016 and 60% of its research and development is dedicated to the effort. Using Microsoft platform-as-a-service capability, Azure, with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) analytics, the aim is to make the best use of energy in powertrains, facilities and buildings. 
Please get in touch if you are considering energy saving options for your business. 
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