Solar panels on residential roofs add value to private properties
Recent research shows that we’re putting increasing value on energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes. 

Sustainable dream homes 

More than two thirds say that top selling points for modern dream homes include sustainability features like solar panels and good roof insulation. People value these more than natural lighting, wooden flooring or reclaimed woodwork, for example. 

Smart technology 

Technology such as a smart home heating system, energy meter or an electric vehicle (EV) charger are also popular. Over two thirds said they want increased control of energy costs, including tracking their energy use. 
Over half the people who took part in the study said we should all think about making homes more sustainable. Many have already made green home improvements including more energy efficient lighting, improved insulation and installing a water meter. Almost four out of 10 said they would like to install an EV charger. 

Adding value 

A third said they would pay almost £12,000 more for a home that was eco-friendly. Over two thirds would invest in their home to make it more sustainable, to save money and increase its value. Adding things like an EV charger can increase a property’s value by up to £5,000. 

Energy efficiency before design 

The priority for homeowners is now energy efficiency rather than design changes. They are more aware of the value of these improvements. Solar panels, smart thermostats and EV chargers can all help to control energy use and manage the cost of running a home. 
However, there are some concerns that it isn’t the right time to install home EV chargers. The research showed that homeowners might hold back due to worries EVs can’t cover enough miles without recharging. People also said they were worried about how long it takes to charge EVs at home. With the cost of electricity soaring, they also wonder whether costs will soon overtake the price of petrol. 
Charging at home is convenient for those who have a driveway and currently it’s half the cost of public charging. A smart EV charger can schedule and track lower tariff off-peak charging to bring costs down further. 
Please get in touch to discuss energy saving lighting, smart home technology and EV charging for your home. 
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