You don't have to turn your radiator valves fully on when you have an energy efficient home.
The Leaky Homes project in Surrey has helped almost 200 homeowners discover ways to save energy and money. 
Energy audits were carried out with the help of trained Surrey residents using infrared cameras and a questionnaire. The thermal imaging cameras show where heat is escaping as ‘hot spots’ in coloured maps. People could literally see where energy and money were leaking away. Written reports followed with recommendations and advice about financial support available to make homes more energy efficient. 
Options to reduce the leaks included chimney pillows, draught excluders and sealant provided at schools, warm hubs and community events. 
The project was so successful another round of audits is planned for September. With more cameras and extra training, it’s hoped they can soon provide energy advice all year round. 

Improving energy efficiency 

We lose over 30% of the heat from our homes through our walls. The figure increases to 50% when you include windows and lofts. Home energy surveys can provide tailored advice about how to reduce energy waste and spend less. 
Reducing energy leaks doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Doorways, windows, even letterboxes can all benefit from some draught excluding tape. However, your home needs enough ventilation to prevent condensation, so you don’t want to cover wall vents or trickle vents in windows, for example. 
Fitting your hot water cylinder with an insulating jacket can save you £50 a year in heating costs and 155kg of CO2 emissions. 
You can also save money by installing energy efficient LEDs. They turn on instantly and don’t have to ‘warm up’ like fluorescent lights. You can use them with almost any light fitting at home. If you replace all the bulbs in your home with LEDs, you could save £65 a year on your electricity bills. You can also save energy with sensors and more switches so lights are only on when you need them. 
If you have a low income you could be eligible for funding for energy saving measures. 
Please get in touch if you would like to know more about efficient LED lighting. You can also ask us about extra light switches or smart home technology that can help save you money. 
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