Many of us have WiFi routers in our home so we can access the internet from any room in the house. 
Using similar technology, soon it might be possible to light your home and run all of your appliances without wires. 
A wire coil can be used to generate a magnetic field. Bring another device with a coil tuned to the same frequency close and an electrical charge can be induced. It’s known as magnetic resonance technology. 
You can already charge your smartphone or, in some cases, your laptop using a charging pad. In the house of the future, wire-free energy could be just as easy. 
Your smartphone could charge while it’s still in your pocket or handbag. Your television or sound system would work without wires or sockets, and electric cars could be charged by just parking on your drive or in your garage. 
Multiple devices could all be charging at the same time. In theory, extending the charging range could be easy too, with repeaters around the house tuned to the same frequency. 
This technology is still under development, but here are some key points: 
It allows charging at a distance and through all sorts of materials from wood to water. 
The low-frequency electric and magnetic fields produced are covered by the same international regulations that apply to things like Bluetooth headphones and wireless routers. 
Results aren’t affected by metal casings and it won’t cause metal to heat up. 
The technology doesn’t only work with small electronic devices and is efficient enough to work with equipment that needs more power. 
Resonators can be created on thin, flexible materials so that product design isn’t affected. Charging socket would no longer be needed, helping to streamline designs too. 
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