2019 was Europe’s hottest year on record. 
Data centre operators will be amongst those who face major challenges as they prepare their facilities for the warmer summer months in the future. 
According to research by the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC), data centres are expected to consume around 140 billion kilowatt-hours of energy this year alone. 

A competitive edge for data centre operators 

Data centres that have the right temperature control and power generation equipment will be able to manage their energy consumption and operating costs, gaining them a competitive advantage. 

A growing data market 

With more people working from home, demand for data centre services has grown significantly. These services are now becoming critical to keep businesses and economies running. 
Even after the current covid-19 restrictions are lifted many businesses have realised that homeworking is a viable option and they are starting to rethink their business models. 
The Met Office says that April this year was the fifth warmest since the first records were made in 1884. This type of temperature rise is being seen across Europe, making energy efficiency and equipment protection to prevent downtime key issues for data centres. 

Creating the right environment 

Having the right heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and the supporting electrical infrastructure are becoming priorities. 
While many data centres have contingency plans for exceptional situations, dealing with high temperatures and increased demand are becoming ‘business as usual’ requirements. 
Taking a strategic approach to delivering the right environmental conditions efficiently and effectively might require an initial capital outlay but itwill deliver significant operational savings in the longer term. 
Planning to have the enough generator capacity and back-up supplies will also protect this critical service from exceptional demands and additional pressure on the national grid. 
Whatever your business, if you depend on reliable power supplies, we will be happy to help you plan and install a reliable, efficient and effective system, so please get in touch
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