We had to think outside the box when we discovered we would have to work around asbestos cladding to provide lighting to the rear of this building merchant’s premises. 
In fact, while you might think that we spend all our time installing, wiring, inspecting and testing, a lot of our time is spent troubleshooting and problem solving. 

Fault finding 

There are all sorts of reasons why electrical installations and equipment can go wrong. 
Problems can be mechanical, parts could be worn, damaged or faulty, wires can overheat and burn or short. In many cases the root cause can be hidden from view, buried in a wall for example, so it can be quite a challenge to find and fix it. 
If equipment fails on an assembly line everything can come to a standstill until a solution is found, which can be very expensive. 


You might think our work is done once we’ve found the fault, but in many cases the cause won’t be clear. That’s where our troubleshooting skills are needed. 
The next job is to find the defective part. It might clearly be burnt or broken, but often everything will look fine. Intermittent problems, perhaps caused by a high resistance connection, might be much more difficult to find. 
We need to work quickly to understand the problem so that our customer knows what’s happening. Sometimes there can be several faults or failures involved, so we need to be good detectives. We come across our fair share of red herrings too. 
We need a good understanding of how electrical components work together and how they will affect the circuits they are used in. We need to be logical and systematic, and carefully analyse each part of the circuit. We often need special tools and test instruments, diagrams and specifications. 
Of course, experience helps, but there will always be something that you have never seen before. 
If you have an unexpected electrical problem we’ll be happy to work with you to find the solution, so please get in touch. 
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