We’ve recently had some challenges to find and fix faults in commercial electrical installations. 
Electrical systems are often complicated and tailored to a business’s needs. 
If you’re not the electrician who did the original installation, it can be quite difficult to track down the root cause of a problem. 
For example, we recently had a late Saturday night mission to restore power in a very large warehouse. The site was quite new to us, so it took a while to locate the electrical fault (above right). 
By 2am, using materials that we had in stock, the night shift and Sunday staff were able to work normally. 
Our fault-finding skills were also tested on this Italian made-to -order machine (left) that developed a panel wiring fault. 
After a few hours of scanning through wiring diagrams and phone calls to Italy, we traced the problem and had them back up and running. 
It saved a costly trip for an engineer to travel over from Milan. 
How do we do it? 
First, we collect as much information as we can about when and how the fault occurred. 
Based on our experience and training we can then make a start on working out the probable cause. Of course, there might be a few false trails before we track down the culprit. 
However, having found the fault, it might not be that straightforward to fix. Hopefully we’ll have the necessary items in stock and will be able to provide a solution quickly. 
Finally, and importantly, we’ll test to make sure that everything is working properly. We don’t want to leave our customers with any more problems. 
To help avoid emergencies, we recommend regular electrical inspection and testing to: 
• make sure people are protected 
• reduce the risk of fire and equipment failure 
• keep electrical systems compliant with all the relevant codes and standards 
• provide you with safety certification for your insurers. 
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