Lightwave smart home controller and dimmer
We recently installed and setup this home automation system using Lightwave equipment. 
Lightwave is a smart home range that has been designed to be simple to install and easy to integrate with other smart home products. Each dimmer or plug socket looks, behaves and can be installed like a standard socket or dimmer. It can all be controlled via your smart phone or tablet with clever features like time delays and triggers. 
Our clients now have full control of their lighting wherever they are. 

Smart controls are popular 

Smart control technology is becoming very popular for residential and commercial properties, according to the latest ‘Warming The Next Generation’ guide. 
With energy efficiency and sustainability becoming increasing priorities, smart controls have an important part to play. Another increasingly popular choice is underfloor heating. Used together, they can give you more control and help you to save money. 
Smart home dimmer switch installation
Installed smart home dimmer switches
More of us than ever are thinking about installing smart home devices and, according to a recent survey, the products we’re most interested in buying are linked to energy saving and security. 
The top smart home products people intend to buy in 2020 include: 
• a thermostat (71%) 
• a doorbell (66%) 
• lights and bulbs (64%) 
• security cameras (60%) 
• locks (57%) 

Clever smart home technology 

We are becoming more aware of how smart home technology can make simple tasks quicker and easier and the products to are improving all the time. 
For example, you can control your heating when you’re not at home and one clever thermostat can even tell you if you’ve left a window open, so you can turn off the radiator in the room to avoid wasting heat. They can even keep an eye on the weather forecast so that you can adjust your heating to make sure you have just the right temperature when you get home. 
You can also buy long-lasting smart bulbs that are rated A+ for energy efficiency that can be controlled remotely from your phone using an app, so when you’re out it’s easy to check if you’ve left lights on at home. You can also set up lighting schedules for when you're away and program your lights to turn on automatically when you walk through the front door. 
If you’re considering smart technology for your home or business premises, we’ll be happy to give you some advice, so please get in touch
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