September is National Home Improvement Month (NHIM) which aims to encourage homeowners in the UK to start home improvement projects. 
The NHIM challenge is for people to #makeonechange in their home. 
Last year, over 17 million adults across the UK made changes to their homes. With many of us spending more time at home than expected this year, even more are expected to start some home improvement projects. 

Who makes home improvements? 

While almost two thirds of us say we are considering a home improvement project many of us have been thinking about it for six years or more. 
Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest barriers is the cost, which is why many people decide to do the work themselves, although they often don’t think they have the skills and knowledge they need. 
While many people are comfortable with decorating, a lot would draw the line at putting up a shelf. 

Home improvement jobs you can tackle 

Part of the purpose of NHIM is to give homeowners advice about how to start a project, what will add value to their property, how to be greener, and the benefits of smart home technology. 
It will help people to learn more about how to improve their homes and find out how to work with skilled trade professionals to make sure their projects are properly and safely completed. 
One big trend this year is likely to be projects to create more connected homes. This could include smart heating that can be controlled remotely or modern touch- or motion-sensitive light switches. By simply adding some new devices and accessories, homes can be made safer, smarter and more attractive. 

Leave electrical work to the professionals 

Electrical work is a job that should be handled by professionals. It isn’t worth the risk of shocks or overheating from wiring or appliances that haven’t been properly installed. In many cases the work will also need to be certified under Part P of the Building regulations. 
If you are planning a home improvement project, we’ll be happy to give you some advice about your electrical needs, so please get in touch
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