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As companies across the country close down to help prevent the spread of coronavirus many empty business premises are vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism. 
Of course, you’ll want to make sure your premises are securely built, maintained and locked, and that materials and equipment aren’t left on-site when possible. 
Surveillance cameras and well-positioned lighting will also be important. 

Security for your business premises 

Here are some other points to think about: 
Perimeter – checking all around the perimeter of your site can highlight areas that could be improved as well as any space between outbuildings and your main building. You could include movement sensitive lights, alarms and security cameras. 
Reducing risks – you can make sure that any equipment or tools that could be used by criminals are securely stored. You can also remove storage and waste bins and skips that could be used by thieves to gain access to the first floor, for example. 
Reviewing coverage – where security systems are already in place, it’s worth testing to make sure that everything is working as expected and that your security lighting and cameras cover all of your site. 
Check fire alarms – even if you work with a third party to install and maintain your fire alarm system it is still your responsibility to make sure that all the legal requirements are met. It’s worth checking everything thoroughly. 

Get smart security 

Modern technology allows you to monitor and control your business security arrangements remotely. 
We have installed many Ring security systems and know that they can give business owners valuable reassurance. 
Every system is built around a Ring alarm which is a smart security system that monitors your business premises. You can receive alerts about possible trespassers or other unwanted activity. You can add additional elements such as sensors, sirens and lights. 
Indoor and outdoor security cameras mean you can clearly see anyone at your entrance or rear doors. You can also add a video doorbell to monitor and communicate with anyone who approaches. 
If your alarm or cameras detect an issue, you can immediately see what’s happening using the Ring app. A simple dashboard connects your alarm, video doorbells, security cameras and other accessories together. You can receive real-time notifications when activity is detected at your business premises. 
You can also add employees to your account and control their access. By assigning each of them a unique access code for your security system, so you can all keep an eye on what's happening. 
Please get in touch if you would like to know more about installing security systems for your business premises. 
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