The range of smart devices for your home is growing all the time. Here are some options to think about: 
Just connect a smart home ‘gateway’ to the internet and download an app to your smartphone, and you’re ready to go. 
Many products don’t need a router or hub. Some switches and sockets only need a remote control to turn them on and off. 
• Motion sensors can alert you to movement. This can be a security feature or can be used to turn on lights, for example. 
• Sensors on doors and windows can also give peace of mind when you’re away from home, providing an immediate alert to your smartphone. 
• With smart sockets you can remotely control appliances as well as monitoring running costs. 
• Light switches can be easily replaced to allow you to remotely control your lighting. You can switch lights on or off and dim them from any location. 
• You can also be more energy efficient with zoned heating for the rooms you regularly use. Simple-to-fit radiator valves allow remote adjustments and easy monitoring through an app. 
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