Jim Lockhart of MSE remembers a major project to rewire a heritage building. “We had to be so careful with everything we did. It was important to preserve the integrity of the building and to meet modern electrical standards. In one room we had to safely cover wiring in fabric to match the room.” 
In almost all cases electrical wiring and installations in heritage buildings will have been installed in phases to meet changing requirements. When it comes to rewiring, there are likely to be some surprises along the way. 
Jim Lockhart says: “Because of the materials used in heritage buildings electrical safety is an absolute priority. Careful planning is also essential to fit in with all the other people how are carefully removing and restoring contents or fittings. 
“Sometimes we also have to be quite creative in the solutions we provide. You have to think very differently – it’s not like wiring a modern building. Cabling can’t always be routed in the way you would like. That’s what makes it so interesting.” 
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