The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is carrying out spot checks and inspections to make sure businesses are COVID-secure across the country. 
They are calling and visiting premises to speak with employers. They are checking the measures they have in place and making sure they are working in line with government guidance
Inspectors are helpfully giving advice on how to manage the risks and protect workers, customers and visitors, but there’s a sting in the tail. Businesses that don’t participate in the spot checks could be subject to enforcement action. 
CCTV camera
Included in the HSE’s ‘sensible and proportionate’ steps to help keep the workplace covid-secure is a COVID-19 risk assessment, which includes: 
identifying work activities or situations that could transmit the virus 
understanding who could be at risk 
assessing the likelihood that someone could be exposed 
taking steps to remove risks or, if this isn’t possible, controlling them. 

Technology to keep your business covid-secure 

Access control systems could help you limit the number of people entering a building or site and provide a record of who is there and where they are. 
CCTV camera systems can be added to your access control system to help you monitor and manage activities and to have a record if any problems arise. 
Some manufacturers are offering facial recognition, as well as thermal and image screening technologies to help businesses manage their premises during the pandemic. For example, they could be used to monitor people’s temperature (using infrared cameras) or to confirm that everyone is wearing a mask and, potentially, restrict access. 
There are even free-standing hand sanitiser pedestals, with ‘contactless’ dispensing combined with thermal screening. 
Facial recognition or card readers can also provide ‘contactless’ ways to open doors, reducing risks in high traffic areas. 
These technologies can be retrofitted to most existing buildings and in the future building management technology could include facial recognition, voice activation controls, proximity sensors and other contactless measures to reduce risks of infection. 
Please get in touch if you are considering new covid-safe measures for your building and would like some advice about electrical installation. 
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