smart home technology can save money on energy bills
Simple upgrades to your home electrics could significantly add to the value of your property according to a recent report
Electrical improvements you might want to consider include: 
an electric vehicle (EV) charging point 
solar panels 
smart home technology 
smart security 
LED lighting. 
While new homes must now have EV chargers, you can keep pace with change by installing one at your property. Even if you don’t plan to buy an electric vehicle yourself yet, with new petrol and diesel vehicles being banned from 2030, this will be an attractive feature if you decide to move. 
Six out of 10 people say they would consider getting solar panels at home and with energy prices expected to increase further this feature will be popular for financial as well as environmental reasons. 
Smart home technology, including thermostats, TVs, and even curtains can all add value to your home. You can spend as much or as little as you want on clever devices that can save you time and money. Remote control home appliances and automation can add to the sale-appeal of your property. 
Feeling safe at home is another selling point and buyers often check crime rates and the safety of areas when they are considering moving, so smart home security and safety devices like cameras and fire detectors will also add value. 
Replacing traditional lights with energy efficient LEDs will reduce your energy bills and there are easy-to-use alternatives for your existing light fittings. You can also add sensors or choose a modern new lighting design to create contemporary lighting effects, inside or out. LEDs are also reliable and have a long life, so you will reduce your maintenance costs too. 
Please get in touch to discuss electrical improvements that could add value to your home. 
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